Restaurants Downtown Vancouver

Looking for restaurants downtown Vancouver? You’ll love Kitchen Table Cafe. We’ve got three great locations throughout Vancouver to serve you. When your mouth is watering for a tasty breakfast spread, or a burger that’s out of this world good, Kitchen Table Cafe is the place to go. Restaurants Downtown Vancouver – Locations Our locations are […]

Downtown Vancouver Restaurants

We are only one of many downtown Vancouver restaurants, but we feel we offer the best meals at the best price. We take pride in preparing all of our dishes. We are committed to making sure you have a most excellent dining experience at the best value. Downtown Vancouver restaurants are simply awesome. Especially the Kitchen Table […]

Breakfast Vancouver

Let’s do breakfast Vancouver style. Breakfast in Vancouver is simply amazing — Especially at Kitchen Table Cafe. We offer breakfast with a wide selection that’s sure to please, even the most finicky. That’s what we are all about. We have a winter menu that we are certain you would cherish. Breakfast Vancouver style here at the Kitchen Table Cafe serves up […]

Vancouver Restaurants

Vancouver restaurants are amazing. Especially Kitchen Table Cafe. We offer breakfast and lunch with a wide selection that’s sure to make your mouth water. Like many Vancouver restaurants, we have a winter menu that We are sure you would cherish. We have a dish we call jalapeño Cheddar Sausage & Eggs that will warm you […]

Amazing, Fresh Biscuits in Vancouver

Have you ever had a desire for a great biscuit? You know, a freshly baked biscuit that melts in your mouth when you bite into it? Warm and buttery with our famous freezer jam. Mmm, can’t you taste it now? Our biscuits are tops. We take the time to make our biscuits fresh daily so […]

Restaurants Vancouver

Restaurants Vancouver – Where to go? We’ve got three terrific locations to serve you wherever you are.  Evergreen Place (on 136th Avenue), Salmon Creek (on 134th Street), and Orchards Safeway Plaza (on 76th Street) all have the same great homemade food you know you can count on from Kitchen Table Cafe.  You’re always close to a great […]